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I want to change history , so something that is important to individuals who live and my influence as we were there with millions of small businesses in Alibaba . Then they like and respect you because you make their life very important .

-Jack Ma

Founder of Perintisnet

It is uncountable of how many miles have you traveled before, how many times have you fall and rise again, how many times have you bleed yourself, how many times have you been denigrated and disparaged, it will not be in vain because the experiences are the pathways to come here and be with us in Gagasan Ummah. I am hoping, that you, are the person I have been looking for, after all these while to come and lend me a helping hand, to join me, and help me to grasp the dream

"All Road to Gagasan Ummah"

Muhammad Zulkey Bin Hashim

"What you do anything is what you do everything"